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Getting There And Around

The Timber Trail Lodge is situated at Piropiro, the half way point of the trail, and accessed by road via Waimiha.

As this road to the lodge is partially gravel and slow-going for drivers who haven’t travelled that way before, we recommend that the best option is to drive to Ongarue at the end of the trail and park your car in the secure carpark there. This way it is ready and waiting for you when you finish your ride.

Then, if you are staying on our all inclusive two-night package, we will make all shuttle and bag transfer arrangements for you, getting you from Ongarue to the lodge on your first night, to Pureora the morning of your first day of riding, and your bags back to Ongarue while you are on your second day of riding.

Alternatively, if you are staying for one night, or want to structure things a bit differently, we can recommend a number of shuttle operators providing these services who you can organise this through.


Driving Directions

To parking at our Ongarue shuttle base, near the trail end point

The Timber Trail Shuttle and Bike Hire base is located at 26 Ongarue–Waimiha Rd, just off State Highway 4, 25 km north of Taumarunui. Look for the signs a couple of hundred metres after the turnoff onto Ongarue-Waimiha Rd. The shuttle base is 2km from the township of Ongarue which is close to where the trail ends.

Normally shuttles leave the base at 5.30pm to go to Timber Trail Lodge, and 8.30am to Pureora at the start of the Timber Trail.

Please allow plenty of time for your journey so you arrive prior to your shuttle departure time. With many customers’ needs being catered for it is important that this service runs to schedule.

GPS coordinates for Timber Trail Shuttle and Bike Hire base are: -38.722091, 175.259854

Directions to Timber Trail Lodge - Piropiro

If you are coming from the north (Auckland, Hamilton etc) come via Te Kuiti and follow State Highway 30 towards Benneydale.

If you are coming from the east (Rotorua, Taupo etc) also follow State Highway 30 via Benneydale.

Turn off SH30 onto Waimiha Rd towards Waimiha. Drive 15km then turn left on to Ongarue Stream Road, following the signs to Piropiro.

If you are coming from the south come via Taumarunui, turn off State Highway 4 towards Ongarue onto Ongarue-Waimiha Road. Drive about 20km past the small town of Waimiha, and turn right onto Ongarue Stream Road, following the signs to Piropiro.

Continue on Ongarue Stream Road for 6km then take a right onto Kokomiko Road, still following the signs to Piropiro. Once you start on the unsealed section of road, you have another 15km left to reach the Piropiro camp area. Please drive carefully as this section of road is narrow and winding.

When you get to Piropiro drive through the camping area and turn right, following the signs to the lodge.
The GPS coordinates for the lodge are: -38.634865102427476, 175.4951126128435


Drive Times

The following are approximate drive times:

Auckland to our shuttle base at Ongarue: 3.5hrs
Auckland to Timber Trail Lodge at Piropiro: 3.5hrs
Auckland to Start of Trail at Pureora Village: 3.0hrs

Taupo to our shuttle base at Ongarue: 1.5hrs
Taupo to Timber Trail Lodge at Piropiro: 1.5hrs
Taupo to Start of Trail at Pureora Village: 1.0hrs

Te Kuiti to our shuttle base at Ongarue: 0.75hrs
Te Kuiti to Timber Trail Lodge at Piropiro: 1hr
Te Kuiti to Start of Trail at Pureora Village: 0.75hrs

National Park to our shuttle base at Ongarue: 0.75hrs
National Park to Timber Trail Lodge at Piropiro: 1.25hrs
National Park to Start of Trail at Pureora Village: 1.75hrs

Please drive carefully on our rural roads.


What to Pack

We suggest your gear list includes:
  • Comfortable riding clothing. A shirt of breathable fabric and padded shorts are a good idea
  • Extra warm clothing, either wool or polypropylene, including hat, gloves, long sleeved jumper and tights
  • A windproof rain jacket, suitable for riding in
  • Extra clothing and soft comfortable shoes for in and around the lodge
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shoes or trainers
  • Adequate water of 1-2 litres per person
  • Food, including lunch of not included in your room rate, snacks, extra for emergencies (note we do not have self-catering kitchen facilities)
  • First aid kit (per group)
  • Emergency thermal blanket (per group)
  • Possibly a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Bike repair gear, including pump, spare tube, puncture repair kit, multitool
  • Torch or headlamp


  • The Timber Trail passes through a remote wilderness area. Emergency access is difficult in some places. You need to be prepared for adverse weather and emergencies.
  • Our lodge management staff are trained in basic first aid and can assist with incidents at or near the lodge, however it is important you know what to do in an emergency if you are not near the lodge.
  • Carry a first aid kit, and be prepared to help injured riders
  • Carry extra food and plenty of water, warm clothing and even an emergency blanket
  • The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Stick to this and you will not get lost
  • Mobile reception is close to non-existent along the trail, we advise you not to rely on this
  • Some people carry Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). These can be used to signal for assistance in the event of a serious emergency
  • Allow plenty of time to ride the trail. Most groups take 5-6 hours to ride the first stage from Pureora to Piropiro. The second leg usually takes slightly less time. Allow extra time for mishaps and breakdowns.
  • Please note our policy is to alert Police Search and Rescue if guests have not arrived by dark.
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