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Timber Trail Lodge,
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Timber Trail Signs


Directions to our shuttle base at Ongarue

The Timber Trail Shuttle and Bike Hire depot is located at 26 Ongarue–Waimiha Rd, just off State Highway 4, 25 km north of Taumarunui. Look for the signs a couple of hundred metres after the turnoff onto Ongarue-Waimiha Rd.

There is secure parking for your vehicle.

There are scheduled shuttle departures at 5.30pm to go to Timber Trail Lodge at Piropiro, and 8.30am to the start of the trail at Pureora.

Please allow plenty of time for your journey so you arrive at least ½ hour prior to your shuttle departure time. With many customers’ needs being catered for it is important that this service runs to schedule

At the end of your Timber trail adventure our depot is only 5 kms from the trail end at Bennett Rd. There are scheduled pickups at 1pm and 3pm. Alternatively you can cycle the final 5km from Bennet Rd, through Ongarue and onto the depot.

GPS coordinates for shuttle base are: -38.5849375,175.1046154

Gravel Road

Directions to Timber Trail Lodge - Piropiro

If you are coming from the north (Auckland, Hamilton etc) come via Te Kuiti and follow State Highway 30 towards Benneydale.

If you are coming from the east (Rotorua, Taupo etc) follow State Highway 30 via Benneydale.

Turn off State Highway 30 onto Waimiha Rd towards Waimiha. Drive 15km then turn left onto Ongarue Stream Road, following the signs to Piropiro.

If you are coming from the south or west come via Taumarunui, turn off State Highway 4 towards Ongarue onto Ongarue-Waimiha Road. Drive about 20km past the small town of Waimiha, and turn right onto Ongarue Stream Road, following the signs to Piropiro.

Continue on Ongarue Stream Road for 6km then take a right onto Kokomiko Road, still following the signs to Piropiro. Once you start on the unsealed section of road, you have another 15km left to reach the Piropiro camp area. Please drive carefully as this section of road is narrow and winding.

When you get to Piropiro drive through the camping area and turn right, following the signs to the lodge.

The GPS coordinates for the lodge are: -38.634865102427476, 175.4951126128435

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