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Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

About the Lodge

Where is the Timber Trail Lodge

The Timber Trail Lodge is right on the Timber Trail in Pureora Forest. It's between Taupo, Taumarunui and Waitomo in King Country. It's a pretty remote location in the middle of the forest. Most of our guests either bike to the lodge on the Timber Trail, or shuttle from Ongarue.

Can I drive to the lodge?

Yes, the lodge is accessible by road, but the condition of the road varies. Please let us know if you plan to drive to the lodge. Most of our guests are biking the Timber Trail, so they park at our shuttle base in Ongarue and shuttle to the lodge from there.

Is the lodge just for bikers?

No! You're welcome to stay at the lodge if you don't ride bikes. There are some lovely walks from the lodge and plenty of areas to relax an enjoy nature. We also cater for groups for meetings, retreats and celebrations

What is there to do at the lodge?

We have lovely inside and outside spaces to relax, read a book, play games or listen to music. There's also a beautiful walking trail from the back of the lodge, and some longer day walks

Can I charge my mobile phone? Is there mobile signal?

Yes, there are power points in all rooms for you to charge your phones, remember to bring your charger! There is no phone signal at the lodge, but wifi is available in the lounge. We have a landline phone available for emergencies. 

Is there wifi at the lodge?

Yes we have limited wifi available in the lounge. It will be sufficient to check emails and update social media, but not for downloading movies. 

Can I charge my e bike?

If you need to charge an e-bike we've got a bay where we park the bikes overnight and there are plenty of convenient charging facilities. Just make sure you bring your charger! 

Can we come for food and drink if we're not staying at the lodge?

Yes! You are welcome to enjoy pizza and sandwiches from 1pm until 4pm and our bar will be open. Dinner is served at 7pm and you're welcome to join if we have availability, but our priority is our booked guests, so it's best to check by calling in advance. 

Can we bring our own food and drink?

We pride ourselves in providing great food to fuel your adventure. Dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch is included in the cost of your accommodation. We don’t have facilities for self-catering. Our license prohibits our guests from bringing their own alcohol.

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes, but we do need some warning in advance so we can be prepared for you. Please let us know about your requirements when you make your booking. 

About the Timber Trail

How hard is the Timber Trail?

The Timber Trail is a grade 2-3 mountain bike trail, making it suitable for most moderately experienced and capable riders. If you ride the trail in 2 days, each section of the trail is 40km+ long and take most
people 4 – 6 hours to ride at a leisurely pace, so you need to be fit enough to
ride for that long. The trail is in a remote area with no cellphone coverage, so you need to be prepared to ride the full distance each day. 

Will I get lost?

The trail is well marked and easy to follow, with distance markers along the way. We do recommend you carry a trail map. Phone signal is very limited, so don't rely on that. 

What sort of bike do I need?

The Timber Trail is a grade 2-3 trail, so you'll need a mountain bike, ideally with front or full suspension. Some people have ridden the trail on gravel bikes, but it might be a rough ride.

You can hire bikes and ebikes when you book your biking packages with us. These bikes are chosen specifically for the Timber Trail. If you're not staying at the Timber Trail Lodge, you can hire bikes directly from Timber Trail Shuttles and Bike Hire

Do I need my own bike?

If you don't have a suitable bike, you can hire a bike in addition to your accommodation and shuttles. We have hardtail mountain bikes with front suspension, and ebikes available to hire, chosen specifically for the Timber Trail. You'll find bike hire in Services and Add-ons once you've selected your accommodation. 

What if I get a puncture or a mechanical breakdown?

If you suffer a puncture or other problems out on the trail you will need to take care of that yourself, so be sure to have a spare tube (that’s the correct size for your bike), a pump and tools to fix basic problems. We have a bike servicing station at the lodge for our guests to use and some basic spares available to purchase.

What if I can't ride the whole distance?

Once you leave the start of each day there are no alternative routes to get to the finish points. So you either need to continue to the finish or return to the start point. If you are staying at Timber Trail Lodge and decide when you arrive after your first day of riding that you don’t want to continue on day two, We can arrange to shuttle you back to your vehicle, but the second day is easier riding than day 1. There are also shorter ride options available from the lodge, or the beginning and end of the trail.

What if we have medical issues or an emergency?

The trail has extremely limited phone signal, so we recommend you carry a a first aid kit and a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) for your group in case you need to summon help in an emergency. Our lodge staff are trained in first aid and can assist with issues at the lodge. We also have an AED on-site. 

Can I walk the Timber Trail?

Yes, it is open to walkers. There is a basic Department of Conservation hut at approx. 20km in from the start of the trail at Pureora. The Timber Trail Lodge is another 20km on. There is also a campsite at #10 Camp, 20km south of the Lodge. If aiming to walk the trail we suggest you refer to the Department of Conservation website. The Te Araroa Walkway follows the trail and their website has many suggestions for those wishing to walk instead of bike. Or you can stay at the lodge, and do a day walk from there. Maramataha Bridge is a great option for a day walk.

Logistics and Biking Packages

How do I book a biking package? What's included?

Our biking packages make planning your Timber Trail adventure easy. You can book accommodation with all meals included, shuttles and luggage transfers all in one place. The biking packages page gives you an idea of our package prices. First choose your dates and room type, then let us know how many rooms and how many people. In services and add-ons, you can select a shuttle package with luggage transfers and even hire bikes or ebikes if you need them. 

How far is the lodge from the trail?

It’s right beside the trail. As you come into Piropiro from
the north the valley opens up and you get a glimpse of the lodge on the rise on
the left side of the trail. A little further on you get to the access track
that takes you about 150 metres to the lodge, a nice cool drink and a warm

How do we arrange shuttles?

Our biking packages include shuttles with Timber Trail Shuttles and Bike Hire. You can book these at the same time as your accommodation, in the Services & add-ons section. The shuttle packages include luggage transfers, so you only need to carry a day pack for your ride. 

If you are not staying with us you can book shuttles
directly through Timber Trail Shuttles and Bike Hire.

Where do we need to drive to?

Our biking packages start at Timber Trail Shuttle and Bike Hire in Ongarue (click here for location & directions), from here we will shuttle you to the lodge, or the start of the Timber Trail, depending on your package. If you are driving to the lodge, let us know. The road condition can vary depending on the weather, so we can give you an update.

Can I park at the start of the trail in Pureora?

You can, but your car will be more secure at our shuttle base in Ongarue. Then you can ride back in your own time rather than having to rush to meet a shuttle. We do offer a vehicle relocation service from Pureora to Ongarue. If you're staying one night at the lodge, we can meet you at the start of the trail and transfer your vehicle to the end of the trail. 

What about our luggage? Do we have to carry it on our bikes?

Our biking packages include luggage transfers, so you only have to carry what you'll need for your day's ride. Pack your luggage for the lodge in a separate bag and we'll make sure it gets to the lodge, and back to your car at the end of the trail. 

Bookings and Pricing

Do we need to book?

Yes, you need to make an accommodation booking before setting off on the Timber Trail, as we need to plan and prepare for our visitors ahead of time. However if you arrive without a booking, and we have space available, we will try to fit you in.

How much does it cost?

Our rooms start at $390 per night for 2 people including all meals in a standard double or twin room. If you are riding the Timber Trail, you'll also need to add a shuttle package (including luggage transfers). These start at $70pp for the One Night Package or Southern Explorer, or $140pp for the Two Night Package. 

Can I book for a group?

Yes, the lodge is a great place to bring a group. You can book multiple rooms online, first select the type of rooms, then BOOK NOW. Click on EDIT GUESTS AND BEDS to choose the number of rooms and people in each room. Or you can contact our reservations team to book your group. 

Can I book for 1 person?

Yes, but the pricing is a little different, it's a bit more expensive than sharing a twin or double room. To see pricing, select a double room, and BOOK NOW, then in EDIT GUESTS AND BEDS, change to 1 person and you'll see our single occupancy rates. If we have other single bookings and you're willing to share a room, we can adjust the pricing to our normal rates. 

Do you have child rates or family packages?

No, we don't offer child rates. Children are very welcome at the lodge, but our pricing is per room including all meals. We have double or twin share rooms, or our triple rooms can have 3 king-single beds, or a single and a king-size bed. 

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